Burning iso on w98

Received an iso from a friend and tried burning it. These two methods were tried:

Nero: resulted in an empty directory and showed ~550mb
Fireburner: resulted in ‘track1.cda’ 1k file and showed ~450mb

I downloaded undisker which is a util that can extract files from bins and isos… but to no avail… I was greeted with an ‘invalid file’

What to do? Took me 14 hours to get the damn thing and it was continuous without any disruptions.

Any advice will help… there are only so many glasses that can make use of all these coasters!

Thanks in advance

hmm thats interesting…
Maybe the file might have been corrupted?

That’s what I’m thinking… but I didn’t try with ezcd5… I was advised that that would be the proper software to use… it’s worth one last try…

Or better yet use Demon Tools :cool: