Burning iso no probs cd copying forget it!

Hey all for some stupid reason my pc wont copy cds at 4x but will burn isos at 6x no problems. Have just reinstalled 98 tried using easy cd creator. Burner is aopen 6x4x24 and cd rom drive is a 36x so i would aaume that it should manage 4x speed copying. Ps the 36x seems to run slowly and seems to start then slow down then speedup and so on and so on. Have been able to do this previously, have about 1gig spare hd space.

You have pointed out already the cause of troubles>it’s you cdromplayer.
After a certain time laserlenses become dirty. So the device do"nt function very well. Clean your lense before you continu. For myself I use a lenscleanercd equipped with a little brush without any fluids for that purpose.
You can check proper working: a full datacd has to be copied to a defragmentated HD in about 5-6 minutes.

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Cheers will try that.