Burning ISO images with API

How do I create an ISO image with the API?

I have succeeded to create an image, that I think is an NRG image, using the API. But now I don’t really know how to create an ISO image. The application to which i will feed this image does not understand NRG.

Do anyone have a solution to this?

Thanks in advance


Usually you will be prompted to enter image file name during the burn process on Image Recorder. So please enter here the image file name with .iso extension.

Thank you. I’ll try that. I not really convinced that it will be so easy. But I will try.



It did not work (actually it was this I tried before, but now I have tested again). The file created is named .iso but is a .nrg file. At least I think so as:

  1. It has the same size as a nrg-file i created with Nero Express with the same input.
  2. It can be used as input for burning from Nero.
  3. RAR can not open it (it can open iso-files).

Do anyone have any other idea on how to create an iso using the API. I currently use the callback to supply a name for the file. Should I use NeroInitImageRecorder instead? What is the dwFlags parameter used for in this function?

Or is it very easy to convert from NRG to ISO (programmatically).

Any advice is appreciated.


Problem solved. It works when I use the latest version of Nero Burning ROM (not with Nero Express though)


I’m glad your found a solution for your problem. But maybe this information can be also useful:
ISO images can be created only for ISO Mode1 compilations burnt in TAO mode. Therefore you should not use NBF_DAO flag in NeroBurn method or should use --tao parameter in NeroCMD. This could also be the reason why Nero Express created an image, which you can not open in WinRAR. Please proof in the ‘More’ section of the ‘BurnSettingPage’ of Nero Express, if DAO is turned on.
About NeroAPI, indeed NeroAPI is able to create only NRG images, regardless the image file extention. But if your burn settings fulfill the ISO image constraints (TAO, Mode1), NeroAPI will only add a small information chunk at the end of the image file, which still can be opened with WinRAR and hopefully used in another burn applications.