Burning iso images in rar format



Don’t make accusations unless you know differently.

I have already unpacked the winrar files to a single iso file, in winrar format. Need to know how to burn this using Prassi ONES.

Been using NERO for years, this is no problem. I am not familiar with this program and can find no info on this. If you know, I would appreciate it, otherwise, just read this.



your not going to get any help… you illegal downloader


What the hell are you talking about, you idiot!!!


There’s no indication that it’s an [U]illegal[/U] download.

You need to unpack the file first using Winrar. That’ll give the single large ISO file for burning.


woops… my fault… i thought you said that you were trying to burn a disk that was in rar format… which would probably be a compressed illegal movie… unfortunatly i have non expreience with this software, but ill give it a try and see if i can figure this out… sorry again


I did do that. I have a single iso file now. I have done this with Nero with no problems, so I am not completely new to this. Unfortunately, Prassi is somewhat unique, but I like it.

By the way haveacigar, unless you know what you are talking about, just keep your mouth shut and read. I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot here, but I resent your comment.


I said im sorry, i admit that i was in the wrong, but you must understand that many new users join to ask about illegal files, which is against forum rules. As i said in my previous post, ill download the program and try to figure out your problem.


For burning images, unless they’re special like games , then the best app is ImgBurn which is free.


lol take it easy bently, unless you clearly state that you arent up to illegal stuff people can easily be on the edge of their seats to point the finger :bigsmile: :cop:



Stay out of this unless you know what you are talking about. I don’t download movies by the way. You are still an idiot. Read and don’t say probably with an accusation. Only idiots respond like that. And yes, it is a legal burn for all who are wondering on the edge of there seats.


Just make sure it’s a legal download. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


I don’t think I need to justify anything to anyone. If you don’t want to post, then don’t. I don’t think I will be back here with such saintly people who have to question my morality or justify my questions. The hell with you. I don’t live in a country like that. Maybe you people do. so bye.


LOL bwahaha rofl, your choice dude, i am not a saint, i just choose to tell everyone i am :bigsmile:


haveacigar misunderstood your question and has since apologized. at this point you’re the one being immature.

you can either cooperate and accept the help that’s being offered or be childish and quit the forum after one unfortunate misunderstanding.

haveacigar apologized. he recognized that he jumped to a conclusion because he misunderstood the question. Mistakes happen. Are you going to let people help you or are you just going to give up?


Christ… i said im sorry, you dont hve to hold a grudge… as for your program, go action—> wizard ----> record data files to cd/dvd, select your files, and then continue onto the burn


I have no idea what the original post contained, nor do I care.
I agree with you that people should not automatically assume that a download is illegal. However, where someone has apologised and you call this person, who has already contributed to this forum substantially, an idiot is not very friendly.

Such behaviour is frowned upon here and I must ask you to be more polite to our other users. Where you are right and others are wrong, you may correct them, but not by calling people idiots.

Having said that, I trust we can close this discussion and focus on the technical question at hand (for which I unfortunately lack the technical knowledge).

Live long and prosper


That exactly fits to your “friendly” answer posts, IMO.
haveacigar’s assuming was correct (from the [I]enourmous[/I] info you gave), you know it. I would have had the same impression got! :smiley:

In the end -> what a waste. :doh:


Heh, sounds like a tool.

I’m in agreement with chef on this one. When a persons 2nd contribution to a board is this crap, why wouldn’t someone call him out. Also, why justify a position before making an inquiry, if you don’t need to justify anything to anyone? :clap: :confused:

Good riddance.


Aparently my previous post didn’t mean an end to the discussion for some…so I have to close it in another way.

Way to go fellas