Burning ISO from ZIP?

I downloaded a 457 mb file that claims to be an ISO but has a ZIP extension. I usually work with Bin / Cue and can create a bootable CD easily with NERO.

When I try to burn an image from this ZIP, I get an “unexpected format” error from NERO.

I unzipped the file and it had a read me that said “to make a CD burn an image from the compressed file.”

How does one make a bootable ISO from the ZIP?

Just a guess, but try changing the extension from ZIP to ISO.

Tried that and it gave me several coasters. Thanks for the help though.

Maybe it is not an ISO after all, because win-rar says it is an archive and extracts it.

The extracted files contain an autorun, and when i burn all the files to a CD windows autoruns it, but when I try to boot the system from the CD it does not recognize it.

How do you make a bootable system disc from a buncha files?

Nero ?

NEW COMPILATION > CD > CD-ROM[Boot] its like the 9th icon down in the New Compilation window . Select Image File ( and browse to the bin or cue file )