Burning iso files



okay I am trying to burn an iso file image to a dvd-r and it is obviously too large of a file . I am using winrar . Is thereany way to compress the file so that it fits ? if so explain . thank you



That depends on what is in the ISO. If it is a dvd video, then yes, this can be compressed to fit a dvd-r disk. DVDShrink can open an ISO of a dvd video and compress it for you. (Control I in DVDShrink to locate the ISO)

If it is something else, you’ll have to give us more information on what you have.

What size is the ISO? If it is smaller than 7.9gb, you can burn it to a double layer dvd. Use Verbatim brand DL disks if you choose this option…do [B]not[/B] substitute another brand. Burn to the disk using a free burning program called ImgBurn.