Burning ISO files



When i burn and ISO File and try to play it in my DVD player i get “Playback prohibited due to area limitations” What is the prob and how do i fix it?


Downloaded from a different region, perhaps? However if there are copyright issues with this ISO, we can’t help you much further.


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Probably when created the ISO you set a region different from the region of your player.

Simply create again the ISO file with the correct region or region free

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What make and brand is your player? There may be an easy code to put in via your remote control to make the player region free. Google your player model and region free in a search.


My Brand is Sony and the make is DVP-NS50P I looked everywhere for how to make it region free but could not find a way for that specific make.


mount the image and use an app like DVD Decrypter to make regionfree
or extract iso contents and use Load VIDEO_TS.IFO into IfoEdit and press the Region free button.


Found this so far, but it seems you need a Palm or pocket pc.


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this solution will work as long as the original poster actually has a REGION problem.

it could also be a format issue (NTSC vs. PAL)


It’s almost certainly not a region issue… You probably downloaded a PAL movie, which Sony standalones don’t handle and throw the same error they would if it were a disc from an incorrect region.


Yeah…i tried the uhmm thing with IfoEdit and it didnt work so any other ideas?


I did read that your player was incompatable with PAL, but it slipped my mind to mention it. You could extract the files from the iso and convert to NTSC.


How would i go about doing that?


another example of $ony controlling your digital media.
If it is a PAL / NTSC issue, you can either buy a cheap DVD player that is multisystem, recode PAL to NTSC, or try the IFOedit patch and see if it works on your player


Well…first off this is not something I’ve had to do myself, and secondly I’m not sure theres an easy way to do it.

What I would [I]try[/I] would be use dvd decrypter to extract the movie from the .iso, and set it not to split the files so I got one big .vob. Then I’d try to convert it with WinAVI from dvd to dvd format, changing the settings to output NTSC and set it to fit on a dvd. WinAVI might also work if you batch convert the .VOB’s and choose to “merge to one”.

It’s also possible that WinAVI would read and convert from the extracted VIDEO_TS folder directly, but again, never tried it. You could extract the VIDEO_TS with Isobuster if Decrypter wont do it, and if you need to join the .vob file, use Dvd Decrypter to extract from the VIDEO_TS set not to split the files.

That’s just the first thing I would try personaly, and I don’t know what the results would be. Some combination like that should work, but you will loose your menus and stuff.

Hopefully someone else will be able to give you a tried and tested method that will also preserve your menus and so on. If such a method exists (and really you’d think it would!) Best of luck. I’d have a look around google if I were you using terms like PAL dvd to NTSC and other such variations, see what comes up.

Looks like patching the headers does not work for your player anyway, so a full conversion is the only way. Personaly I’d buy a new multi-region player with MPEG4 capabilities as well, as you can get them starting around £26 GBP!

EDIT: Do your burned disks from the iso play ok on your pc? Might be best to try to rip the vobs or from the dvd, or use it as a convert source for whatever conversion program you choose to use. Some prefer reading from the disk, some prefer the folders on you hard-drive first.


Yeah i meant to mention that earlier it do play perfectly on my PC And i tried the patch option and it played the warning message thingy you know federal law the thing on all dvds blah blah but then when it tried to go to the menu or the previews idk what is after that it said the same error again “Playback prohibited due to” blah blah blahh.



Here is the link that shows how I converted PAL to NTSC:


Worked for me-eh!



If you can live with just the movie then, extract it from the disk using your ripper of choice (dvd decrypter and others will allow you to choose the relevant program stream for the full movie file) then try converting the .vobs of the movie to NTSC with WinAVI 7.6.

Just done a quick experiment and managed to add and convert PAL .VOB files to NTSC with no problems! WinAVI 7.6 for the win as usual. No sync probs and no visible quality loss to my eye. Fast too! If there are extras you want to keep from the disk, you can probably rip and convert those seperately, then author it all up with something like DVDLab.

Hope this was some help.