Burning ISO created with DVDFab HD Decrypter (free)



Recently I tried the latest DVDFab HD Decrypter to create a “Full Disc” backup from my Batman Begins DVD to an ISO file.

Now, when I tried using ImgBurn’s “Display IFO layer break information”, it gave me this:

Now, supposed I want to burn this file with ImgBurn, will it (the program) offer several layer breaks (the ones with gold, green, grey stars) for me to choose from?


does the folder created also contain a .mds file?


No, it doesn’t.


dvdfab now uses burning engine for creation of ISO files. it seems this has broken dvdfab decrypter ability to create ISO files.

for now only dvdfab gold of dvdfab platinum will create ISO files.


I’ll have to find another way around, then.

Thanks :slight_smile:


you can still use dvdfab full disc backup to folder.

then burn using ImgBurn Build Mode.


The thought did cross my mind. :iagree:

and I just tried it this noon, and ImgBurn gave me several layer break points, including the original. Sweet :flower:

thanks for your reply, man!