Burning Instant Copy Image File ( .pdi ) with Nero 6?

Is there an easy way to burn a DVD from a .pdi image file with Nero 6 ? i think i am getting better burns with Nero than Instant Copy
i use IC8 for compresing larger movies, i think it makes better quality than others but saves files in the .pdi format witch nero 6 does not use aperantly.

any ideas ?

before i get flamed i did do a search for this and didnt get anything .

thanks for your help,

ps , i just got Nero , so maybe there is something i just havent figured out yet ?

Try to get a tool called pdi2iso.
Which makes iso files from *.pdi files. These iso files you can burn for sure with nero

thanks for reply i will check it out. next question would there be any quality lost in the conversion ?

thanks again,

i am wishing they would just hurry up already with the dvd9 R’s :slight_smile: then i wouldn’t have to worry about it !

i don’t think there will be quality loss