Burning img file via Imgburn - 'Writing Leadin' - help!

Hi guys

I an trying to make a backup of a DVD (which I bought from a shop BTW! - I assume it is still legal to make backups of DVDs you own?? - if not Im sure a mod will come along to tell me I am wrong). I have created an img file of the DVD which I am now trying to burn onto a blank DVD-RW. I am using Imgburn to do this. However, the program has been stuck at the ‘Writing leadin’ screen for one and a half hours now, is this normal? The file is just over 4.1GB in size so should fit no probs. I cancelled after waiting one and a half hours, maybe I should use a different program - if so what can you knowledgeable people recommend?? I have Nero and would have used that but have read on these forums that people tend to have more success with Imgburn over Nero. Please help!!!

Edit: Have just tried it for the SIXTH time, and it has magically started burning?!?!?!? So erm, can someone please delete this now defunct post??


ps this forum is awesome - so much info for a layman like me!!! :>)

the only problem i’ve had with imgburn is when i’ve tried to overburn a disc, but other than that imgburn is hands down the best program for the job