Burning Image to DVD+R DL Book Type?

I think I know the answer to my question but before I go out and spend $$ on another DVD burner I wanted to know if my thinking is correct. I have a HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GWA 4164B drive that came with my Dell Dimension E310 desktop. I’m trying to burn DVD+R DL (Verbatim) media using DVD Decrypter. I’m actually trying to burn an image to the DVD+R DL and previous threads indicate I should be changing the book type to DVD-ROM for this particular application. Problem is, DVD Decrypter will not allow me to change my book type. Is this a problem/glitch with DVD Decrypter? If I buy Nero will it work? I’m thinking this is because my current drive (listed above) does not allow changing of book types so no matter what burning software I use it still won’t work? Is that correct or would Nero work? Do I need different software or a different burner? I did get the latest firmware for my burner and still wasn’t able to change the book type.

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That seems odd as my 4163B with unmodded firmware does allow the change from DVD+R to DVD-ROM with DVD Decrypter. This is not a permanent setting but actioned at burn time with this specific app. So if you use another app you’ll have to set it in that one as well.

To see if it’s just a problem with DVD Decrypter get ImgBurn which is a development from Decrypter.

I’m just wondering if my $$ should be spent on new software or hardware. If ImgBurn comes with a free trial I would try it. I’d just hate to spend the money on another program if my problem resides with my drive as I know DVD Decrypter should do the trick.

You have to check your drive’s firmware and see if it supports the kind of bittesing you’re looking for.
Changing book type depends on both the burning software and the drive’s firmware.

ImgBurn is free , just like DVD Decrypter.

Drives in Dell puters have crippled firmwares to spare licensing costs…
Most LG burners can’t use bitsetting. If you have luck they have AUTO-bitsetting.

You can’t generally permanently set booktype for DVD+R on LG drives but they tend to accept it at burn time if the burning app is capable of booktyping.

Yep, there is a big difference between OEM LG and real LG drives, or better said their firmwares and capabilities. :wink:

Thanks so much for the info. I was thinking it was probably my drive. I downloaded ImgBurn and it’s showing me the same thing (ie. changing to DVD-ROM bookmark is greyed out). So, of to purchase a different DVD burner. Not sure if I’ll get an internal/external but is there a site I can go to get recommendations on what burner to get. I only need to make one or two copies with the DVD-ROM book type. I don’t want to buy another burner just to find out it too doesn’t support changing of book types.

previous threads indicate I should be changing the book type to DVD-ROM for this particular application.

I may have missed it but why do you need to change booktype?

I would assume a wider range of compatibility with standalone DVD players.

[B]At the original poster:[/B] Recommendations are one of this sites best features as there are many users with multiple burners that can give the pros and cons of many drives. You can also use the search function to find previous threads of the same topic and see what has been recommended most often. You also need to list your needs. Do you need DVD-RAM or Lightscribe? What media will you be using most often?, etc.

I understand and agree that there is a wider range of compatibility with standalone DVD players but I was getting the impression that the OP felt he [U]needed to do this[/U] to make his DVD work. If his disc will work w/o a booktype change, I wouldn’t sweat it.

What I’m attempting to do is make a backup copy of my Navteq GPS database for my Jeep. After reading countless posts and at the expense of others making coasters (1 from me too) it was determined that the target DVD had to have the DVD-ROM book type. I guess the drive in the car can not read DVD+R DL. I took my original Navteq DVD created an image to my hard drive and am now trying to put the image on a DVD+R DL. I have succeeded but only in the DVD+R DL book type. The car won’t read it. You’re right, if it was nearly any other application I probably wouldn’t care what book type it was.

Good Luck with that then.
If the player in the car checks for the disc type, you cannot make a working backup.