Burning image.nrg to DVD+R fails

I do not know what I am doing wrong.
I have NEC ND-3500A DVD recorder (updated with latest firmware) and trying to put an image on DVD.
See attachment about the error message from Nero.
Please help.

G Day
Well, maybe i have some news for you:
I have tried very hard with NeroAPITest.exe and NeroCMD.exe to write to DVD’s but without success. Then i contact the german helpline of Nero. Together we found out, both do not work with DVD’s so that it is possible to write Data-CD with format UDF.
This was in the late summer.
Nero said, perhaps there will be a update by the next 3-4 monts. Because SDK is a free software, thei give no garantie to that statement.
So i expectet a update until the end of 2006.
I just watched for it, but Nero offers still SDK version 1.08.


This is all we can do, i belive

Greetings from Switzerland

I suppose it’s possible that the compilation exceeded the capacity of a +R disc which is slightly less than -R.

Tried using magiciso to convert nrg file to iso file,then burn iso image to dvd.

… as I know, you can’t burn a ISO Image with a size over 2GB. In this case the format UDF is need it. :doh:

You can’t burn [B]an individual file[/B] of that size but an image file is burned as an image not as a file on a data disc.