Burning image inside a rar archive?



my question is : is there a program that can burn a cd/dvd image
(lets say a *.iso or *.bin and *.cue file) from a multi volume rar archive ?


I think you will need to extract the image in full to be able to burn it :-/


Avoid iso-bin-cue archives, I downloaded one off LimeWire a few months ago, tried every program under the sun, isobuster, nero, roxio, and whatever, and I could not get the software within the archive to burn properly. Iso-bin-cue archives is the archiving format from HELL!! I know it was the iso-bin-cue archive format, as I’ve downloaded pure .iso images since then, and have had no problem with them. Something about the bin-cue programming architecture that is totally corrupt. Avoid Avoid Avoid!!!


As Kikibug says , you’ve got to extract them first.

As far as what galaxyroom says, I’ve never experienced any such problems.


I think DUKE 2236 is concerned about the fat32 4gb limit which hav a possible solution of burning it directly from a split archives. I think its more convenient than creating a virtual NTFS drive to bypass the 4gb limit.


I suggest using DAEMON Tools to mount the .iso file or whatever onto a virtual disc image and THEN burning the actual disc. Unfortunately for me, DAEMON Tools doesn’t mount .rar files, which REALLY ticks me off, since I wanna play the game on it. :doh: