Burning image files



I burned a .ccd file to a disk. It said everything burned correctly. But when I put the cd in now it shows nothing on it. If I put any normal cd in the drive all files appear. But the one I burn with clonecd doesnt show anything. Am I missing a step?


How did you burn the .ccd file to disc? Just using CloneCD ‘write’ button?


Well actually yes. Clicked the write from image file. and it started. asked me a few questions then burned.


I deleted your cross-post in the Newbie Forum :cop:

Please provide a little more info after reading the “must read” links in my signature :wink:


Allright after reading all the info. The cd id securom protected. So I downloaded the profiles that you created. and selected securom. Data is Raw and No sub channel repairs. Burning using clonecd 4.0. Have a CR 8432 CD RW. All works fine still after successful burn. No files evident on CD


OK, have you unchecked simulated burning?