Burning Image Files in Nero 7 - HELP!



Hi Guys,

I am a newbie here so please be gentle!

OK, my problem is this…

I have 1x Image File and 1x MP3 file

From my understanding if I was to use the Image file it would then split up the 1x MP3 into individual tracks kinda like a cue file. Am I right in saying this?

Either way, I am trying to burn the image file within Nero ROM.

I click on the follwing:
Recorder > Burn Image

It then displays the ‘reading’ bar and hangs for a couple of minutes
until it returns the ‘Burn Complilation’ window with no info, details or files attached within the window.

The dropdown on the top left defaults to ‘CD’ and I then have 4 buttons at the bottom of the window that are ‘Nero Express’, ‘Disc Info’, ‘New’ and Cancel.

So it seems for some reason it isn’t adding the image file correctly.

If anyone can please assist and provide any help at all it would be much appreciated as this is driving me crazy!

Many thanks :slight_smile: