Burning hybrid CD-R's with files from a DOS partition



Since DivX was released on Macintosh, I wanna play DivX movies on the thing (I mostly use it for downloading). I can transfer the DivX movie to the Mac via a UTP crosslink, but I want the movies written on a CD-R. Nero Burning Rom supports hybrid CD-R's, but you need a SCSI harddisc with a HFS partition. This doesn't look like such a big problem, but I got two questions:

  • How do you make an HFS partition on a SCSI drive

  • Can you drag and drop files from a FAT32 partition to the HFS partition?

Perhaps it's possible to make network connection from the Mac via the UTP crossnetwork to the SCSI harddisc with the partition, but I am not sure windows allows that. Windows can read X11 partitions over the network, but I don't know it it'll work with HFS

Has anybody got any experience with this? If so, please make a simple tutorial here.