Burning home movies

:confused:[qanda]This thread is about the I/O Magic External 8X Slim DVD±RW/±R (IDVD8PE). Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I successfully burned a DVD of home videos taken with my new JVC Everio camcorder using my new I/O Magic Slim burner connected to my laptop. The problem is the DVD won’t play in my home DVD players: Yamaha DVS5950 and Magnavox MDV560VR. One says “unkown disk” and the other stands mute.

Please advise.

If the dvd plays correctly in your laptop, the problem is your players are slightly picky on burned disks. You can sometimes correct this by using high quality disks, like Verbatim 16x or Taiyo Yuden 8x. Verbatim can be found in local shops like Best Buy, the TY can be found online at rima.com or supermediastore.com or Newegg.com (if you are in the US).

What speed did you burn the current dvd? You might try a slower speed on the blank media you have now.

I was using Nero software. Switched to the Everio software and all works well. Thanks.