Burning home movies to DVD - What program

My daughter has a cam corder movie camera and wants to transfer the movies onto dvd. Is there a program she can install on her computer and hook her camcorder up to computer and burn the movies from the camera to the dvd. list several different programs if possible so she has a choice and which ones you recommend ect. free ones would be nice ofcourse. ha ha

Normally they have to be digitzed first, then edited and authored.

Some camcorders come with extra softwares allowing all that.

As chef says, check your camcorder package first for software.

The connection to the computer needs to be correct first, so please list the make and model number of the camera, whether it has a ‘DV’ out (IEEE1394 aka FireWire), and finally the computer specifications.

Once you have the video on the computer, Ulead DVD Movie Factory 4 is a good all-round option for the editing and authoring, and pretty good value for money IMO.

If you have a fire wire connection (DV) on your camcorder, you might also consider writing to directly to a stand-alone dvd recorder that supports firewire input e.g. Liteon 5000 series. Even if you don’t have a fire wire connection, you can normally connect up to a stand-alone via AV/scart sockets.

I accept that it may cost a few bob to do it this way, but it might cost you more to upgrade your PC e.g. to install a firewire card, capture card and get the appropriate software etc if it isn’t already capable of doing this.

In addition it basically simpler - of course you lose the fun of endless heartaches trying to get the PC to do what you want!

Personally I have done it both ways and now I simply use a stand-alone recorder and edit the dvds on the PC afterwords.