Burning high quality audio CD

A friend gave me a home made CD with a paper label and 13 songs on it, and asked me if I could create a CD with an engraved label using Light Scribe. I was able to burn the songs to a CD and inscribe a title for the CD, as well as the name of each song on the CD. I used an LG burner to do this. I scanned a picture of his son who’s songs were on the CD, rendered and croped the picture in Photoshop. Then I imported the picture into Word. There I over-layed a title on top the picture and typed the name of each song into a table that became the table of contents in the cassett. He was pleased with what I had done and we cooked up an idea for taking this project to the next level.

I showed him a CD that included a panthlet which introduced the composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and gave background information about each song. We agreed it would be very nice to do a similar job for his son Michael who composed the songs, as well as played the guitar, and sang each song.

My qoals for the next level on this project are: (1) produce the best qualty sound I can. I do not feel the CD I burned had good quality sound. (2) I would like to include a series of pictures that relate to each song, along with dialogue that introduces each song. Optionally the dialgue could be played before each song or not at all.

What type of media should I burn the output on?

What step-by-step tutorials are availble that show how to design Light Scribe embeded labels, and make a cover and TOC for the casseettt?
What is the best way to learn about producing high quality sound on a disc that contains primarily music but has some pictures and dialogue?

The sound on the CD will only be as good as the source. How was the music recorded? Are you involved with the recording process? I personally use Ableton Live to create high quality recordings. I then burn them to CD using Nero (no reason for Nero other than it is what have available). I have interfaces to my computer and good quality microphones.