Burning help

hi all

im new to this so hi to u all im having serious problems with my dvd-rw every time i burn a dvd video the disk is always damaged during playback it will play ok for a while then will freeze up i then check it on power dvd and it tells me the disk has been damaged as to inhibit playback its really scunnering me im using a lite-on 411s dvd rw with nerovision express plz help :bow:

Welcome to cdfreaks bazza04 :),

did you check your DVD for finger prints and scratches, sounds really simple but most of my freezes happened because of dirty media.

yeah i checked them and even gave them a clean just to be sure but was still getting the same problem

do u think it could be the media im using ive got ritek white label dvd disks

Another possibility is youโ€™re using bad quality media. You can take a look at the Media FAQ for more information about this.

ive been under that impression myself but i just wanted to know if i was doing anything wrong cheers for the help m8