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ok heres what i need to know… i bought the simpsons season 9 off the internet, it has two disks though, that’s my problem… do i have to put disc1 and disc2 on seperate disks? or just on one disk?


I personnel thought that series nine came on about 6 disks.

I take it you are trying to back it up. To make a “proper” copy of it then you must use two disk. This means that everything will be copied “as is”.

However you can also use certain programs to rip just the episodes + english or what ever you want to seperate files so that you can reduce the total size.

Expaining what you are trying to do / want to do will get you more help.


If u have disk images(big file with .iso or .nrg or .bin extension) just burn them one by one


heres more info, a text document that came with it says this :

Title: The Simpsons: The Complete Ninth Season
URL: http://www.amazon.com/Simpsons-Complete-Ninth-Season/dp/B000JLQPTK/sr=8-1/qid=1166929505/ref=pd_bbs_1/103-3183099-4749459?ie=UTF8&s=dvd
Format: Xvid w/128 kbps VBR MP3

Hello again!

Another Simpsons DVD has arrived! I must say, Season 9 is one of my favorite seasons and is probably the peak of the Simpsons legacy. Some will say its peak was even earlier (Season 7 or 8), but there are some really good episodes in this season – “Homer v. NY” and “Homer: the Garbage Commissioner” – to name a few.

Instead of having the commentary audio tracks already integrated into the video files like some of my other rips, I have simply included the commentary as mp3s. If you are computer savvy enough, you can add a second audio track to the avi. This way everyone is happy!

A couple of quick notes:

  • If you don’t know how to add audio tracks to the avi, a good starting point is www.doom9.org.

  • There are two audio commentary tracks for the first episode of the season: Homer vs. New York City.

  • In the audio commentary folder, there’s a “hidden” audio commentary track of 2 guys giving their farewells to the show (after this season, they no longer worked for the Simpsons). It’s actually fairly interesting to listen to.

There is also 29 .avi files all named SO9E1 SO9E2 etc… etc… 1 Read Me and a folder named Commentary with mp3’s containing commentary for each episode. i don’t want to keep that folder though.

i’ll attach a .jpeg of the simpsons season 9 folder since i do not know how to use the insert image button thing.

…i don’t know what i was thinking but i said it had two disk lol, it only has one, i don’t know if this is a special edition or something… but it only has one disc, but yeah…

how would i get it all onto one dvd?
i bought winavi video converter to convert .avi files to video
but it seemed to turn a 1.5 gb dvd into a 30 gb dvd.

i’m going to look on google and what i already have on my computer and hopefully i can either buy or use.


Did you buy these DVDs or download them? I am having trouble understanding this?:confused:


You are correct Womble, the series has 6 discs. There is something I cannot understand in this thread.:iagree:


Simpsons arn’t avalible for legal download especially in xvid format. SO this thread is now closed.

Go buy the discs. All 6 them. You get a free cardboard box with it too.