Burning hell

hi im paul quite new to computers but not thick.im into my music have burnt audio cds before with no problems.i have windows xp nero express,artec chepo re writer.have a load of mp3 saved music tracks in my music file(windows)some of these tracks are from legal down load sites such as www.epitonic.com.ive checked for any licencing info all tracks seem to be clear.im putting my 20 or so tracks into the nero express and burning as ive done before.every thing goes well but putting freshly burnt cd into my computer cd drive it doesnt reconize any thing.same when disc is put in my hifi.the wierd thing is when i put burnt disc in cd rw it plays but comes up with unknown artist and just track nos.when i looked at track info it was in audio format.ummm?so it seems burning was a sucsess but why cant i play disc in audio cd player.the first disc i burnt was fine all these tracks were from kazaa.could it be anything to do with legal issues from down load sites other than kazaa.i tried copying audio cd same happened will only play through cd rw.can any one shed some light on this i tried using another bit of burning software still no joy.please help i only wanna play cds down stairs when mates come round!:any ideas will be of a great help.cheers
paul.can e mail me at katconfuzer@hotmail.com.thanx

i use kazaa and do the same and it work ok on nero 5.59

try slowing down the copy speed some cd player cant read cd if they have been record to quick ie 25x just try one at 4x or some thing like that