Burning HD Video Files

I have several HD video files on my computer. I would like to burn these HD files to a dvd-r, but when I try to using Nero 8 it doesn’t work, and I get a messege telling me to buy Nero Vision 4 for $79.99. That seems like a steep price to pay to burn HD content onto a dvd disc. What’s more, can I even use that burned disc on an upscaling dvd player? Does anyone know the cheapest way to burn HD media to a dvd and play that dvd on an upscaling dvd player without losing the HD quality? Am I stuck buying Nero Vision? Is there a cheaper way?

Well, for one thing, you will never get a regular dvd player to play real HD material. An upscaling dvd player can take 480i and output 480p. Look at this: http://hometheater.about.com/od/dvdbasicsfaqs/f/dvdbasics12.htm

But HD material starts at 720p and goes up…1080i and 1080p are the next two common standards.

It is possible to burn HD material onto a regular dvd or dual layer dvd and have it play on a Blu Ray player. But there are no all in one programs made for this. Xvid4PSP has a Blu Ray output setting, TSReMux + FFMPeg + the x264 codec can be used to create AVCHD disks on regular dvds, and it is possible to burn them using ImgBurn using UDF 2.5 settings. If you are interested, look these things up at doom9.org and learn the process. But as I said, these will only play on a Blu Ray player, not a regular dvd player.

If you just want to back the HD videos up to disk, without being able to play in any kind of stand alone player, you can do so just as a data file of course. As long as it fits.

Your other option is a simple HD media player to ‘stream’ the video to your TV (assuming it is HD compatible)

You can even opt for one with HD enclose to ensure quality is not lost over a slow network. These media players are falling in price lal the time now and ideal for torrents, music, pics etc

So it looks like I am stuck buying a Blu Ray player, or some type of media streaming device. I can’t stand low quality video now that I have an HDTV, but I don’t want to pay a high price for a new technology that will fall in price each year/month.

As for my upscaling dvd player, it doesn’t output true HD, but it’s a lot better than 480p. I know because I can set it to 480p, 720p, or 1080p and I can tell the difference between each setting.

Does anyone know of a Blu Ray player that is around $200? I’m not about to pay $400.

Also, should I buy a DVD recorder or a Blu Ray recorder? If I tape a tv show in HD with a DVD recorder, and play the dvd in an upscaling dvd player, what quality picture would I get?

Glad to hear your dvd player can do so well upscaling to the higher resolutions. The effects with mine are less noticeable, though I only have a 720p tv. Some scalers are simply better than others.

If you get a dvd recorder to capture HD tv, it will only record at regular dvd resolution and bitrate. Your source may be 720p, but your recording of that program will only be 720 x 480 (NTSC). At the moment, I believe the only devices available for the US market that record in HD are the HD-DVR’s provided by cable and satellite companies, and Tivo. Blu Ray based recorders should be coming to the US soon, perhaps sometime in 2009, but the blank disks are still prohibitively expensive. D-VHS recorders exist but I doubt that would be acceptable.

The lowest price on a Blu Ray player at Newegg.com is $280. Have no idea how good a player it is however. Many people recommend the PS3 as a good player that is up to date in the Blu Ray standards, but it is well over your stated price range.

Forgot to mention the computer options. You can get a preconfigured pc with a Cablecard installed to receive cable tv, and record that way. Or you can set up a machine to receive HD over the air using an ATSC tv card. You’ll be limited to local HD channels with that one of course. And either option is well over your $200 limit.

You should look through the HD forums here at cdfreaks and ask more questions there. Platinumsword and company know a great deal more about this subject than I.

Another good source for information is www.avsforum.com but it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the info there.