Burning HD movies onto DVD

I have a canon vixia HF20 which I use to record home videos in HD. I do not have a blu-ray burner but I do have a blu-ray player (Pioneer BDP-430 Internet ready/3D ready).
I am wondering:

  1. What software I can purchase to edit and burn my home videos
  2. What type of discs do I need to use when burning to maintain the HD quality
    I am totally new at this! Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated.

There are quite a number of video editing programs available. I suggest taking advantage of the free trials of a couple of them, or more, to find one you like to work with.

Here are three examples:
Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD

Corel VideoStudio® Pro X4

Adobe Premiere Elements 9

You can burn high definition video onto dvd disks, but not all players will recognize it. AVCHD is one type of high definition video that was intentionally designed to play from blank dvds, rather than blu ray, so this may be one type of output for you to use. (and it shows up in the manual for your player as a compatible format)

I know that the Corel program can work with AVCHD, but I’m not sure about the other two. (Edit: looks like the Sony program can also) The downside to burning HD video onto dvds is that you don’t have nearly as much room.

Hope this answers a few of your questions. Welcome to the forums.

I have been using Expression Encoder 4 to convert the HD files (.mts) to WMV files. I can save these on my USB stick or burn them using dvd maker software or windows media player.
My problem in doing this is that I can’t seem to correctly encode to get the quality video and audio I want.
I have been able to get great video but the audio and video are not in sync. I have also successfully been able to sync audio/video but the video quality is greatly compromised. I want to encode so that I have the highest quality picture and the video/audio stays in sync. Any suggestions?