Burning HD content from HD DVR

I have HD content that i have recorded on my HD DVR and i want to burn it. I have an DVD burner but it will not burn in HD Quality. Is there a set top HD DVD burner out there for sale?. If not how can i get my HD content off my HD DVR in HD quality?


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Welcome to the forum keepithd, sorry for the late respond.

Recorded programs from HD DVR are usually in MPEG-2 format and if you can grab that into your PC you can use a software to “convert” it to Blu-ray, DVD, WMV, AVI, DIVX etc, then you can burn it to Blu-ray disc or DVD disc.

DVD blank disc is just a medium, similar to Blu-ray blank disc so you if the converted content fits in a DVD, you can burn your hidef content to DVD. However watching a blu-ray content in a DVD disc is a different story, you can not watch blu-ray content in dvd on your standalone dvd player but you can watch it on your PC’s DVD reader/burner if you have the right playback software for example PowerDVD Ultra.