Burning hard disk files to DVD writer-HELP

WTH ! Do lots of people have trouble downloading video to hard drive and then burning DVD’s or just me? I am able to download video from my video camera to my hard drive but am lost trying to burn the video to a DVD. The camera I have is a Panasonic PV-GS150. It cam with software with drivers and Motion DV Studio 5.3 for DV. It won’t give me an option to burn to DVD?? Am I not understanding the software? I also tried the software that came with the DVD burner - ULEAD VideoStudio 7 SE Basic. Again, it gives me the option to burn to CD and shows the DVD Drive but when I try to play on DVD player it cannot read it ? I also have tried using NERO Express 6. But it doesn’t give me the option to burn to my DVD burner?? Geeez !! Any suggestions? Is the a better software that is made for idiots like myself??

You cannot “download” video to your HDD, it can only be copied.
It will go straight from your camera as DV via usb to your hdd using Motion DV Studio, it will be saved as AVI and then you can convert it.

READ the manual!