Burning halo pc?



i tried burning halo pc with alcohol 120% 1.95 trial, but it didnt work. i followed these steps:

step 1:
Install the game
Start Alcohol, goto Emulation, Extra Emulation, activate BAD Sectors Emulation
Minimize Alcohol, start the game with the original disc inserted until you get to the screen in game where it says “quit”
Quit the game but, don’t eject the CD

step 2: burn the image to hard drive using the image making option.
before burning do this : disable “EFM” option by going to General, Data type setting/record options and uncheck “EFM OPTION”

  1. Now with the game disk in your computer already(MOHAA, BF1942, etc)
  2. Open alcohol, and select the Image Making Wizard
  3. Select the datatype on the first screen (in this case, Safedisk2)
  4. On the next screen change the file name if you so wish (leaving it at default name is fine)
  5. after burning to hard drive it is ok to now remove game disk

step 3 :1)insert a blank disk into your burning drive
and record image to blank cd-r/cd-rw: go to burn image option and set memory buffer to 74mb(SPECIAL NOTE: this option may have to bet set different for someone else’s computer if different than my setting’s and system info but i needed to be at 74mb because that computer only had 256mb of physical ram,but if i used alcohol to do same burning project on my other computer that has 768mb of pyhsical ram the memory buffer had to be at 100mb) and in record options also choose safedisk 2 option.choose the image to burn and click on start.

step 4: repeat procedure as above for each individual safe 2 type protected disk that each game comes with.(some games have 2 or 3 disks in all for installation of a specific game)p the image to your hard drive default spot.

Where is says disable emf option…i couldnt find anything that said emf so iunno… plz anyone help!!! :sad:

i made copies befire but they dont work cuz i reformated my comp and installed halo, but (with backup copy) says eject disk and put real one in.

i dont remember where i got the way i did it the first time but can anyone help!!!

Plz!! thx.


plz someone help…my halo is scratched


If you are getting a message saying “eject disk and put real one in” then you are creating a bad copy.

Scanning the disk with ProtectionID will give you the copy protection in use. (May not be SafeDisc) This then needs to be selected in the Datatype settings in the program.

If your disk is badly scratched then it may not be possible to make a working copy of the disk. Does the original still work? If so then you have some hope. Probably select read speed 1x - 4x to help out.

Once you ahve made the image then you could try it in the Virtual Drive to see if it works. This will save you some disks.

The EFM setting is in Options somewhere I seem to remember.


well exacally what it says is … oh wat… i put the my old bacckup in and now its working??? iunno…must of been some update i needed or something…well thats for the help anyways womble :slight_smile: i appreciate it…thx…omg im so happi…this made my day!!!111