Burning guides?


I’m looking for information on how to access CD and DVD burners for use in a program. I’ve looked at all of the SDKs out there and none of them fit my needs (including the free ones). Does anyone know where I can find some documents on the matter? I couldn’t find anything with Google.

What I need to do is burn data to CD-R, DVD-R, as well as do multisession data disks (CD-RW, DVD-RW).


Hi, you can find a small C++ application that can burn on CD-R in homemade tools. For more info look into MMC documents (http://www.t10.org)


Thank you, the MMC documents looks like what I want, except they seem to be only about SCSI devices. How does one accomplish this on an IDE device?

As far as I know it also works with IDE.

Thanks again