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Not sure if this is where this needs to be posted… but when I tried to copy max payne for my son to use on his comp nero gave me a unrecoverable error message over and over again so I aborted. Also when trying to copy my son’s codebreaker disc for his playstation2 it gave me the same error… Any advise?


Try a search on ‘Max AND payne’ in this forum, I remember several discussions on this issue. Also check out the links in the Read First thread, there you will find some useful tips (I hope at least, took me a long time to write it :wink: )


The original Max Payne is safedisc 2.41 protected and you’ll get many read errors when copying. Nero isn’t an appropriate application for copying the disc anyway. Do a search, check out the Tutorial section of the Copy Protection section of the forum and use a more appropriate application such as alcohol, blindwrite or CloneCD to make your back-up copy.