Burning games that have copy protection

I’m trying to burn a few games but they seem to have copy protection on them. SimCity3000 unlimited has SafeDisc R3 protection and my program didn’t detect any on Empire Earth and Quake II but they don’t work either. I used Nero to copy them and u can install the game but when you try to play it, it asks for the game’s CD. How can I break the copy protection in order to have a workable version of the games?

For Q2, download the top patch on this page:

-> Click Here <- . Hopefully someone will help you with the rest.


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How can I break the copy protection in order to have a workable version of the games?
Simple: use CloneCD :smiley: The games you mention are quite old and use an easy to bypass copy-protection called SafeDisc. This protection relies on error on the first 5% (10.000 sectors) of the disc. CloneCD should have no problem with SafeDisc with most writers. Check here to see if your writer is supported. You should use these CloneCD settings to copy SafeDisc:


[ul][*]Fast Error Skip ON[/ul]Leave all other settings default. If you start reading the disc and enable the CloneCD log you will see lots of errors. This is normal. Around sector 10.000 the disc should be error free.

you really need to try clone cd

go to http://www.elby.org/CloneCD/english/

to see about getting strated with it.


Wow nice reply the111; the same as I said :stuck_out_tongue:

I didnt know Quake2 had safedisc.

CLone cd and use FES …

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I didnt know Quake2 had safedisc.
I was referring to SimCity 3000 :o I don’t know the protections of the other discs. I may be worth scanning these with a copy-protection scanner like ClonyXL (check www.ghostcdr.com for download).