Burning game onto DVD



Hello guys,

I want to put all files needed to install Lineage2 onto a dvd so I can give it to a friend, he is not allowed to use intenet for downloads :frowning:

I don’t think I’ll be infringing any copy rights as it’s free to download from file planet or anywhere else.

I know very little about burning as I don’t usually do it but I do need it now as the files come to almost 4Gigs.

What free software can I use and what do I need to know to do this?

Please help, we want to play the game!

Thank you

PS bellow is a pic of files I have to give to my friend:


You can use ImgBurn in ‘Build’ mode to do this. Just add the files to the window and off you go… :).


Thanks dude, off I go try it :slight_smile:


Something went wrong :frowning:

I specified the destination as my DVD drive but there is nothing on it even thgough the ImgBurn did go through the burning process.

I think the destination got changed to C:\Documents and Settings\Tadas\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\CD Burning\whatever.iso

It said I have something waiting to be burned… I’m confused :frowning:
What did I do wrong?


You probably needed to select the DVD burner rather than the ISO writer. Under the menu option ‘Output’, did you have ‘Device’ or ‘Image File’ selected?

Anyway, no problem: now you have the image file created, just switch ImgBurn to ‘Write’ mode, load up the ISO you created, make sure ‘Device’ is selected as above, and set it going.


All done!

Thanks imkidd57!

Off-topic: where is New Fajara? I never heard of it nor has Google :confused: