Burning game iso's to dvd


sorry to be a noob :slight_smile:

but i have a game iso file on my hard disk. It’s a DVD iso. Its just a normal PC game dvd iso :slight_smile:

I have downloaded and tried burning using alcohol 120% and clonedvd2 by slysoft. Both of them burn, but after that. no dvd-drives can read the disc. There are obvious burn marks on the cd, but no dvd-drives/cd-drives recognise it. Even the disc drive that burnt it in the first place.

I also tried Nero, but that would let me burn the .iso image.

Am i missing a step here or what am i doing wrong? Do i have to format the blank disc firsrt? I just want to burn an .iso image to the DVD!.

Im using DVD+R’s coz that’s what my burner only accepts.


Take a good media and try to burn the iso with dvd decrypter.
Set the booktype to dvd-rom, if your burner supports bitsetting.
Maybe it helps! :wink:

its a game dvd iso but! :slight_smile:

what’s the software called?

Sure, if it’s only a normal dvd iso file!
You could burn with this a normal dvd iso.
Select the option Write Iso, burn it and that’s all.
Just a try worth.
The prog is DVD Decrypter you’ll find it Here

alright ill have a try… looks like my dvd doens’t support bit setting! :frowning:

hope it works… im going throuh alot of coasters!

it says “power calibration error” retries 11/20!

so its not burning!

This error controls the burner.
There’re few reasons for it.
Bad media, defective drive, poor power…
So what for a burner you’ve?
Try another media.
Latest firmware.

i read somehwere about nero not treating dvd iso’s as dvd iso’s but cd-r iso’s.

how do i change that so i can use nero? :slight_smile:

As i understand the burner reads the disc, the others not.
What exactly is the prob with nero?
Do you try to burn the image as DVD (UDF) in Nero Burning Rom.
I think your prob with nero is bringing, the answer file is larger than 2GB.

well i h ave tried burning using Nero this time.

no difference. they still don’t work! :frowning:

in tried dvd-decrypter. but that doens’t burn at all.

I’m using TDK DVD+R’s.

Anyone else getting a nervous tick watching this?

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When I do it I just load it to Alcohol Virtual drive and use NERO to burn disc to disc. While your at it make sure the ISO is good by loading the game off the Virtual drive. Good luck. :slight_smile:

What are you talkin about?

i use UltraISO for burning .iso’s, but to test the integrity of the image, check out CDMage, it will scan your file for corruption and repair any errors, then burn, works every time for me, all my coasters went away

what’s the difference by loading it and then burning it to just burning it?

well, after you have done this sort of thing long enough you will end up with corrupt images, and from time to time you will end up burning “coasters” more than necessary, so by either running the image with a virtual drive like in Alcohol 120% or by checking the image with CDMage before buring, you ensure you get a quality burn every time

if you just burn and a disc ends up bad you have to burn again, and if the image is corrupt, you will end up buring it over and over, and it will never work

i mounted it on alcohol 120% or daemon tools.

it both works fine… but i can’t seem to actually burn the image onto the DVD+R with any data on it… i think the program has burnt somethin on it… but nothin is reading the disc… im running out of ideas and this are TDK brand discs

Can you not create a new iso file from the original and try again.

yeah but …

the .iso image works fine mounted. what does creating another copy of the original .iso file do?.. just wondering :slight_smile:

im just wondering why nothing’s burning onto the DVD+R’s? :S

Im a little confused because the -r format is more compatable with the majority of devices compared to +r

What burner are you using? What is the firmware and how old is the drive?

To me it sounds more of an issue with the burner or the firmware.