Burning full length with Dual Layer media

OK, Whats the best strategy for backing up a movie with decryptor not shrinking it any? I have tried twice and when I go to play it I cant bring the menu up. 1 is a Disney movie and the other is just a Discovery channel disc with no copy protection. There something special I need to do or what.
Decryptor in file mode, shrink when needed and burning with Nero.

Dvdd iso read, Dvdd iso write with DL media.

you should burn using imgburn (www.imgburn.com). Imgburn is the updated burning engine from dvddecrypter and the interface is exactly the same. :smiley:

If I turn on Anydvd, would I be able to copy on the fly with Nero?
Never tried Imageburn, getting it now.
On the ISO, when I read, then write, do I load the .mds?

I would recommend NOT using copy disc to disc with dual layer media. For a good backup, rip to your hard drive then burn it using ImgBurn. Yes, load the .mds file (NOT the iso). If you choose to have AnyDVD running make sure you configure DVD Decrypter to correctly use AnyDVD.

Thx! I’ve only used anydvd twice, with shrink and problematic Sony movies.

Try to find a copy of DVD X COPY. Painless and perfect.

Sorry but there is nothing painless about that program. Not to mention how outdated it is.