Burning froze.. help



hi i was backing up some anime using nero at around 18% the burning stoped or something, the buffer was at 97%… i looked at the dvd drive the light that was on it has turned off. but the CD in the drive was still spinning (but not burning)
i waited 20min but nutin happened… i was hoping to see a popup error msg saying burn failed or something so i can take the cd out, but that didnt happen. i couldnt close nero because the CACEL and X button has been disabled i cannot press it… so i had to press the RESET button on the computer case.
im using:
NEC 2500A
Firmware: 1.07v2 DLBS (beta5)

so someone plz tell me how i can shut down nero without restarting my computer using the button, incase next time wen it happens again i dont have to press the restart button to reset my comp…


Use Control+Alt+Delete to pull up task manager and then EndTask on Nero.
(Control+shift+escape in WinXP)
This will close down Nero, but it won’t necessarily free up your 2500 since it will most likely still be attempting to process commands.

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Sounds like/could be a bug in Nero. Try the latest Nero version. If this happens a lot (with other software too) try updating your chipset/bus drivers.


I had this happen to me as well on Nero They have released so I’m assuming we’re not the only ones and that’s potentially why the new release already. I’m up and running on 13 and so far no issues as of yet. :slight_smile:


I thnik it could be a bug of the firmware…try to flash with the 1.07 original, and try again. I’ve experienced the same issue when the buffer underrun protection has enabled…