Burning from VIDEO_TS folders to multiple burners?

Hi there,

I have ripped a few of my DVD’s to hard disk in the form of VIDEO_TS folders. Id like to burn one of these folders to two disks concurrently obviously with 2 DVD-R burners.

My question, will i need 2 identical DVD-R burners?

or is it possible to use different burners but obviously BOTH drives burning at 4x to identical media (TYG01)? I currently have a Pioneer DVR-109 (PATA). This will be set to Master and there is only 1 PATA interface on the board. Since i will have a spare SATA port on the board id like add a SATA Plextor 716SA drive. Would this be feasible?

Which software will allow me to use VIDEO_TS folders as a source to burn to 2 DVD-R drives?

Please note i intend ONLY to burn at 4x no more no less.

Thanks in advance

you don’t need 2 identical burners, but it’s advised. the burn will be conducted at the least common denominator speed which is irrelevant for you if burning at 4X.

i highly suggest you check the Plextor Mobo compatibility list for the SATA version as well as research here at CDF for known (in)compatibilities. not sure how a multi-recorder burn would do with one PATA and one SATA drive as all the ones i do are with Primary and Secondary Master IDE connected drives.

you can use several softwares, ImgTool Classic/Burn being one that comes to mind. Nero is another (but some people have issues with NERO’s supposed non DVD-VIDEO compliance and restricted disc labeling/naming).