Burning from saved

I am very new @ this, so any enlightenment would be greatly appreciated.
I successfully copied a DVD and selected the save button, to back-up when I had more time. When I attempted to burn this later, I was able to find it in the targeted area, highlighted the file and tried to get it to burn. No good results. How do I get this file to open to burn? Can I even save this in my computer for this purpose? I have the Gold version of the software and am running w/ win. XP Pro.

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Need to know what software you used to copy/save the file, and what file extension you saved it as…

The best fway is to rip your disc (file/files) with DVD Shrink in your hard drive in to directory of your choice then burn it with Nero Burning ROM after that you can always go back and burn with same process from you H/D to media by using NBR.

Personally I would always read and write at the same time.

I always have had problems with nero but then i found a programm called dvd xcopy.platinum version

It shrinks, and burns very rarley gives me any problems, I just get problems from my dvd drives but thats all sorted now. :slight_smile: