?Burning from HD DVD movie?

In the dark ages (about 2 weeks ago) I copied a couple of DVD movies on to my hard disk. I didn’t learn about DVDDecrypter until I got that W2K love message “There are too many secrets …”. I’m trying to make a test DVD-R so that I can take it to the electronics store and test the actual compatibility before buying a new dvd player.The first of soon-to-be-many questions is this:

  • Can I burn a dvd from the unadulterated Video_TS folder I copied to my HD?
  • If not, how do I use DVDDecrypter or AnyDVD to rip a movie that is already on my HD?

Thanks in advance - and if my search skills are so poor that I missed a large sticky newbie neon sign answering these questions, please klunk me on the head and point me…

“Can I burn a dvd from the unadulterated Video_TS folder”
yes, as long as it’s small enough to fit on single or dual layer dvd.
if u need info - guide @ http://www.network54.com/Forum/thread?forumid=336827&messageid=1100161496&lp=1100565498