Burning from Hard Drive to DVD



OK, I used DVD Decrypter because I read here it was one of the best programs. I now have the files of a couple of my movies copied onto my hard drive because that is as far as the program took them. Now how do I compress and burn these file onto a working DVD.


If the total size of the files are 4.37GB or less then you can just write them to a DVD, however if they are more than 4.37GB you would need to run the files through a transcoder such as CloneDVD , DVD2One or DVD Shrink (to name a few).
This will reduce the file size to 4.37GB (or less) so it can be written to a single layer DVD, it will also allow you to remove unwanted parts of the DVD.
Then use your favorite DVD writing software to write the files as DVD Video, Nero and CopyToDVD are two options for writing software, there are many others so use whatever suits you.

Note: If you are using Dual Layer media you can just rip all the files from the original DVD and then write them back to the DL media.

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Thanks Portmac.


Your welcome, any further questions about copying DVD Video would be better posted in the Copy DVD Movie forum.