Burning from folder to blank dvd



I’m a newbie and hello to everyone. my question is this,… I just bought a dvd from walmart and came home to rip it to my computer. Theres a noise at the end of the ripping process that lets you know that its done and that its time to copy to a blank dvd. Well,. i wasn’t home and my son got tired of the beeping sound after the program was done ripping to my dvd fab folder. he shutdown my laptop. QUESTION: What are the steps that I use to copy to a blank dvd from my dvd fab folder that the movie was ripped to.


Was this a full rip (DVD9) to your hard drive or did you compress & rip as (DVD5) to your hard drive? Or just tell us what size the VIDEO_TS folder is that DvdFab created. The following is one option I use to end up with movie only plus English audio. Posts #67 to #74, but please also read Post #78 & ask any questions here.



Thanks for replying. I ripped it in dvd-9 format. So I could copy onto double layer disc


If you are burning to a dual layer disk, I would recommend using Verbatim brand blank media. I would also recommend using ImgBurn for this process.


How big is the VIDEO_TS folder?


Video_TS folder was 7.78 gigabytes


Okay, you have a couple of options. You can use the link I gave you. If you want the full Dvd, you can still use Dvd Shrink without reauthoring & just do a full disc backup, (you would have to judge if you can live with the output quality). Create an ISO with Dvd Shrink & burn with ImgBurn as shown in that link. You can also burn the VIDEO_TS folder to a Verbatim blank Dual layer disc using the following. Any problems, just ask.



From the link you just posted… How do I access that IMG Burn folder or tab …is it included with dvdfab?? how do I find it?


You would have to Download & install ImgBurn.



Beef Barley, … I appreciate your patience. Thanks alot for the timely and informative responses.


No worries, glad to be able to help.


As allways the answer to any relatred video question is imgburn , convert x to dvd or dvd flick…:))LoL
Anyone else agree?