Burning Four DL DVD At Same Time

I’m looking for abit of guidance doing the above. So far I’ve managed to get 3 dual layer burns at the same time without affecting speed or quality burning at x4. 3 DL burns in 25mins!

Was doing 2 simultaneously for a long time never had a problem. To cope with the extra demand I got hold of a ide controller, connected the drives to each of the ports on the card on seperate cables. Which I read is a good idea? The other two drives (D) and (E:) are connected to the mobo on the same cable but they seem to be fine. I don’t get any buffer errors or anything.

I was burning 2 at a time with 512mb of RAM which was fine. I assumed another 1gb would be more than enough. So now I have 1.49gb RAM.

The problem comes when trying to burn 4 at a time. At first they were burning away but taking a little longer around 30mins but now Imgburn only wants to finalize 3 of them and fails the 4th. The drive that fails is one that is connected to the card with its own cable. I know the drive is working properly, it only does it when doing 4 at a time.

Anyone with any ideas on the best way to connect the drives? I heard that they all need to be on seperate IDE cables but I also read that it would be a good idea to have the HDD on the controller and nothing else.

Would a dual core mobo make any difference? ATM I’ve got P4 2.something

Any help from people who may have tried this would be much appreciated

BTW I’m using Verb Dual Layer with 4 pioneer 116d drives all same firmware. Running 4 instances of Imgburn.

Thanks guys