Burning folders help



I have currently downloaded a game that comes with 5 cd folders nameed CD1 CD2 etc. The files in there are Winrar files and .r30 .r31 .r32 and so on. Do I have to burn each folder to a disk? but what kind of cd do i burn? data dis? video cd? I have nero with all utilities to burn a cd.


Have a look at here http://club.cdfreaks.com/announcement.php?f=34&announcementid=37


im asking how to burn something?


I know but it sounds illegal and this would be against the rules.


You are using WAREZ, not originals and that is against the forum rules, so read them !


it is actually a homemade game?


lol okay that sounds so bullshit lol… sorry to waste ur time im just gona go to gooogle.