Burning Flac Files and File Names


I recently got some flac files and they sound awesome. So I wanted to burn them to a CD to listen to on my music player. After researching some, I found two software - Burnatonce and Burrrn which could be used to burn to a CD. Now both of them work well, but when I am playing it back on my music system(or my pc), it starts playing as an audio CD without any file names or directory or track listing or anything like that. Just starts playing the songs. There is no way of identifying the tracks. I want to burn 100s of these songs onto a DVD, but not sure how I will be be able to access a particular song though…

Couple of questions here:

(1) Any ideas what I may be doing wrong here. The original flac files have the names on them.
(2) Any other freeware for burning flac files.

Thanks in advance!!

If you convert them to Audio CD there will be no tag, unless you use a burning program and a player that support ‘CD Text’. Even then the info is minimal. If you copy them to a DVD they will be on the DVD as FLAC files and the tags will be intact. However I don’t know of any standalone (non computer) player that will play FLAC.

ImgBurn now is able to burn FLAC files into audio CDs :bow:

Get latest version here :slight_smile:



Thanks for your responses.

Geno888, BAO and Burrrs are already buring the flac files to an audio CD:). My problem is that they just start playing on my DVD player(there are no names or anything of that sort). My guess is IMGBURN does the same thing as above?

Olyteddy, I now understand that unless I use a feature like CD text(limited text), I won’t be able to see any description on my audio CD. :frowning:

So, here’s my limited understanding. I was planning on burning 100 flac files to a DVD as an audio CD(or wav format). Even without description. Is this possible or can I burn to an audio CD (700 MB capacity)only? Then I would end up burning about 7 CDs instead of one DVD.:sad:

Thanks in advance!!

I’m not sure that you can burn an “Audio CD” on a DVD disc. Probably this is why the disc is not working.

i also think same as above.

I haven’t tried to convert flac to MP3 but if you can.
I have a freind that is also a CD Freaks member Rusty-USA.He burns several albums with MP3 to CD & they work great.Rusty-USA has posted his method for doing this.If you can’t find his post I will see if I can.
He made me one & it lists the album title & then the song titles as they play on my settop DVD player.They scrool the song titles on his car stereo disc player as they play.In WMP it shows the album cover & song title .So you might want to consider this method.

[QUOTE=geno888;2020395]I’m not sure that you can burn an “Audio CD” on a DVD disc. Probably this is why the disc is not working.[/QUOTE]

Not true at all brother I have burned plenty of Audio Files to DVD FLAC ,OGG and never had a issue with it . Now if he’s trying to listen to it on anything other then the compute wellllll :stuck_out_tongue: