Burning files (data) to DVD+RW

i tried to use someone else’s thread to post, but it just wasn’t generating any responses. but, to get help, i need to get my question phrased correctly.

here is my question.

i have nero 6.0 installed on my machine. i am wishing to create some DVD+RWs (with archival data, not DVD movies). before burning, it formats the DVD+RW and proceeds to write and verify the data. if i were to transport one of these DVD+RWs to another PC which has roxio and directCD installed on it, would those PC’s be able to read my DVD+RWs? for the record, i do NOT have InCD installed.

if i burn with a DVD+R, i know i can read them regardless of what packet writing software is installed, because it’s in CDFS.

i want to be able to use DVD+RW to store my data as opposed to DVD+R, because i may want to change/update the data. if i can write with nero, and read the DVD+RW with roxio, then what are the advantages (if any) of using DVD+R over DVD+RW?

also, can i read other DVD+/-RWs/CD-RWs created with roxio on my PC running nero? there have been times where after entering a CD-RW, i was asked to install udf_reader (for packet writing) which proceeded to conflict with some drivers, since i had nero previously installed on my system.

When your burn your DVD+RW as a normal DVD-Data compilation using Nero or Roxio you will be able to read it on other computer too, provided the optical drive can actually read DVD+RW media. The advantage with RW media is that you can use it with packet writing software such as InCD. With InCD you can use the +RW disc as a large floppy disc meaning that you can add and erase files on-the-fly. This cannot be done with R discs.

thanks for the answer. packet writing is what i DON’T want, because of the incompatibilities of InCD and directCD and others. i want to be able to read the DVD+RW without having to deal with conflicting packet writing software packages and drivers. it would have been nice if windows had a standard packet writing protocol, because i believe CD-RW and DVD+/-RW would have taken off with the masses to replace the floppy. as it stands, if i have InCD on my PC, i can’t read and write directCD discs and vice versa. stuff like that.

or am i totally in the wrong about packet writing and what it can and cannot do?

You are right about packet writing, what Gamefreak is saying is that if you treat your DVD-RW as a DVD-R (ie burn a standard DVD ISO format to the disk) instead of using packet software then you will have no troubles the only problem being everytime you need to change anything you will have to burn the whole DVD again.


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