Burning Faster than Rated Speed

Having come to a 1620a from a 107 and a 2510a I am rather upset that I cannot burn my existing media at a faster speed than rated like I could with the other two burners. Is their not hacked firmware or a way of adding to the media list like the others have?

Which media / firmware version are you using? If you take a look through the forums you’ll see that everyone and their dog is overspeeding media (with great success, by the way) with the 1620a!

It is very limited in terms of media compared to NEC. I have CMC MAG F01 and others that only burn at rated speed. Is there no way to bypass this?

This is an helpful list to see which media can be overspeed.

What does this mean? There is no key in order to understand this info:


Does that mean the CMC MAG F01 can burn at 4x and 8x? But what is the CMC+R 4x part?

benq 1620 is very good at overspeeding.

if higher burning speed is detected on the media, it means u can overspeed it.
it is up to u whether to burn at 4x or 8x. usually ppl recommend lower speed for better burning quality. for me, speed is my challenge.

That’s the problem though the media list is very limited and other brands have tools where you can change it. THAT’S what limits the BenQ.

Manunited…what do you mean by that?

So what does this mean:


Does that mean the CMC MAG F01 can burn at 4x and 8x? But what is the CMC+R 4x part?

u mean liteon?
the writing strategy change utility is very troublesome dun u think?

so far i dare to say that benq1620 is stil the most overspeeding burner.
esp on 8x at 12x and 16x, the list is great.

test123 the layout is written as CMCMAGF01_4X8X_CMC+R 4x
where CMCMAGF01 = media code
where 4X8X = supported write speeds
where CMC+R 4x = media brand & type and official write speed

According to Daniels own thread CMC MAG F01 is supported at 8x cant verify that myself but I’ve seen other mention doing so, but pushing 4x media to 12x and beyond is pushing your luck even though I know some of the firmware modders in the NEC side have done it still I would consider 8x and a good quality burn just fine.

Manunited are you using the latest offcial B7T9 firmware its odd that you dont have the 8x burn option for that media ??

CMCMAGF01 is CMC’s DVD+R 4x rated speed and can be burn at 4x and 8x.

Yes I have both but the disk is rated at 8X and on the NEC I can burn perfectly at 12 and 16X. I wish there was a tool like Liteins for this. I feel far too restrained by corporate policy with the BenQ.

If you want hacked firmware, then you’re in the wrong forum. The beauty of BenQ burners is that they have official firmware with bitsetting, overspeed, etc. right out of the box. BenQ burners write for quality, and speed is only a secondary concern for most BenQ owners. BenQ with good media (supported media) will overspeed many discs types.

If you want overspeeding on many media types with varied quality results from crap to good, then by a NEC. You won’t have error scanning capabilities and will have to void your warranty in order to do bitsetting and other options. But if that’s what you want, then go NEC - I won’t though.

I want quality burns on many media types with bitsetting, error scanning, overspeeding, etc. right out of the box. I don’t want to void my warranty if I don’t have to. Also, I want a quality reader that can read scratched/abused discs. That’s why I went with the BenQ DW1620. I think you’re in the wrong forum.

Then go NEC and live with its limitations. I’ll take my BenQ any day over a NEC. I don’t want to be limited by NEC’s corporate decisions like: no official support for bitsetting for most of their drives, no error scanning capabilities, and inferior reading performance.

Piss off I asked a question. Live with it.

You’re just upset because the BenQ is not a NEC. I already answered your question and you simply didn’t like the answer I gave you. As I already told you, if you want hacked firmwares for adding different write strats to your firmware, then you’re in the wrong forum. Try the NEC forum because that’s what you’re after. You are very confused about the differences between NEC and BenQ. Why are you so pissy this morning? Did your NEC give you a bad burn or something?

If you really COULD burn CMCMAGF01 media @12X or even 16@ with your BenQ and every burn would produce a low-to-average quality disk, with every 3rd or 4th disk being a coaster, would that be something usefull ? :confused:

For me, a good alternative(if you really want to burn at high speeds) is to burn your CMCMAGF01 media @8X using B7P9/B7T9 FWare while you get some good quality media (YUDEN000T02 / MCC003/004) and then burn @12X-16X.

I like overspeeding media myself, but i try to do it in such a way that i get a good quality disk as a result when i am done with it.

I agree with socrates007, maybe the latest Litey’s or the new NEC3520 would be a good choice if you want to have “Total Overspeed Control” on any media you choose to burn… :slight_smile:

Still, if you want QUALITY overspeeding, i would buy some Taiyo Yuden DVD+R’s and stick to my BenQ1620. It’s a hell of a burner… :iagree:

Lets stick to talking about burners. Lets (all of us) be kind towards people with different opinions. I am sure Socrates007 was just trying to make you see his point, thats all.

We all learn from our discussions. That is the reason we all login to CDFreaks every here and there. So lets respect the rules of this forum.

A happy new year for everybody,

Hp. _

CMC MAG F01 is 4x rated media. Period

I think you better link me to a post where CMC MAG F01 is “perfectly” burned at 12 or 16x.
I´m one of the Quikee2´s firmware testers in NEC forum, but I have´t seen any good 12x burn on this media. Not to mention at 16x. :confused:

BTW, no more of this language [“Piss off I asked a question. Live with it.”] Please. :a

hp1530, I don´t know if you have been following the 3520 discussion at NEC forum, but the 3520 firmware is crap right now.
You better enjoy the potential of your BenQ or buy a NEC 3500. :cool:

Litey´s… forget them for a while. New better models will be out soon.


Happy New Year to you and everyone else. Thanks for the kinds words. I was simply trying to point out to Manunited that BenQ does things differently than NEC does. Both companies have different corporate decisions that affect what one can or can’t do with both drive types. I think he’s just upset because with his NEC drives he could use hacked firmwares for modding the write strats and the BenQ doesn’t have such hacked firmwares available. That’s not criticising the BenQ one its own merits. One shouldn’t rate a drive’s performance based on a lack of illegal/hacked firmware for that drive; especially when that drive’s manufacturer gives many wonderful options in the retail/legal firmware.

Manunited is talking apples and oranges and is doing so out of ignorance. We’re all hear to learn and he should be more open to learning about BenQ’s strenghts as well as its limitations. I really think he wants a NEC or a LiteOn for his purposes.

Yes there’s a way. Use only media that’s rated for overspeeding by BenQ. :bigsmile: