Burning fails

Hi, im using 1 click dvd copy pro to copy dvds and have had no problems with it in the past. But recently every burn i try fails. When i try to burn i close all applications and disconnect from the internet but they still fail, this is getting annoying as ive wasted around 15 discs now. Does anyone know why they could be failing?


Do you have a log that you can post?

We need to know the burner you have and what media you have as well. Nero’s CD-DVD Speed is good for this. Use the disk info tab & save the screen image by using the “floppy” icon at top right. Save in PNG format & then post it back here.

Ok i did that with one of the discs that failed

and the discs im using are verbatim 16x dvd+r


Can anyone help?


try slowing the burn speed down to half the media’s rated speed so for your 16x verbs try 8x to see if this gives you any better luck.

also try posting a failed burn log from your 1click.

I don’t trust the burner built in to 1Click Pro, even set at a “safe” speed as default it was still making too many coasters. Just select a hard drive folder as the destination instead of your burner, then use Nero to burn the resulting files. I did this and no more burn problems.

I also use FixVTS to process the files before burning, it cleans up the directory structure changes/ errors you’ll usually get even if doing a “full disc” backup. These errors usually don’t effect standalone players, but can cause serious playback issues when playing a burned DVD on your computer.

[B]can u help me? i kinda experienced out of synch video and audio…im using windows xp,i try to burn a video cd using nero…