Burning extended play dvd

Ive tried to burn several extended play dvds with mixed results. I end up with anything from 20 min to a little over 1 hour, but never 2 hrs of play. What am I doing wrong? Im using 1click and anydvd.

What options (if any) are you selecting? Are you using the latest versions of both programs? Are you using 1Click reg or Pro?

reg 1click and default settings and im using the latest ver of 1click and anydvd

could you post your copytodvd log file so we can take a look and could you also post your 1Click log!

Open 1Click and press F7 for the copytodvd log copy and paste 1complete session into your next post! While 1Click is open press F8 for the 1Click log and copy and paste 1 complete session in another post.

This way we can take a look and make suggestions! :slight_smile:

Post a session or two from your CopytoDVD log .
Open 1Click >> F7 > CopytoDVD log >> Copy and Paste in Reply.

Does it ask you if it is an episode disk and what do you choose if it does?