Burning Error with DVR-215D

I have it setup externally on my laptop with a Galaxy metal gear enclosure. It reads and encodes fine, no issues whatsoever. But everytime I try to burn with both Nero and ImgBurn it doesn’t even finish writing the lead-in before I get some sort of an error. With imgburn its i/o semaphore something-or-other, and with nero it says the drive is not connected or something to that effect. I have used CD-speed and it works perfectly. The only issues are with burning. I had similar issues with my Sony DX-80ou and I sent that back. I do have USB 2.0, it is hooked up to that, I updated the drives firmware to the most current version. What could the problem be? I have been using verbatims, its not the media. My USB drivers are up to date. Its really pissing me off! I have searched all of the forums to no avail and I truly appreciate all of your input!


“or something” will not help.
The culprint is the chipset in the enclosure…

I had the same errors when I used the sony external drive a few weeks ago. Here is the EXACT error from ImgBurn…

I/O Error
Device:[0:0:0] PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-215D 1.18 (F:) (USB)
CDB: 2A 00 00 00 03 00 00 00 20 00
Interpreatation: Write (10) - Sectors: 768-799
Reason: The semaphore timeout period has expired

If you hit cancel, you then get…

Synchronise Cache Failed
Device: Same as above
Reason: Device not connected

Save that ImgBurn spells interpretation correctly…

Similar problem with Nero, let me check the error.

Oh and to boot… My internal optical drive just stopped recognizing my Verbatim 4x DVD-Rs, I tried a CD-R (no problem) as well as a Sony 16x DVD-R, no problem. Why would this occur?

So I talked to HP chat. He suggested of course trying another cable, updating drivers, etc etc, I ended up reformatting the hard drive and starting over. Also checked all of the connections in the enclosure. Still the exact same errors… HP guy said it wasn’t the enclosure chipset, but God knows if he has any ideas what he is talking about. The drive reads and encodes perfectly, but anytime I try to burn it says the device is not connected. Please help!

What is the mobo used? what usb options are set in the BIOS?

Mobo is a Quanta 30B9, not sure how to check the USB options in the Bios… thanks for your help Chef

Also, the drive fails every time when I use Verbatim or Sony 16x DVD-R, but works every time I use Verbatim 4x DVD-Rs. Could there be some sort of a setting limiting burn speed? Or is the drive shot?

As already mentioned by chef the chipset in the enclosure could be the problem. Try connecting your 215 drive internally on another computer. What speed are you burning your dvd discs? Usually burning at 16x speed is not possible when using a dvd burner that’s in a external enclosure. I’d say the fastest you can burn is at 12x speed. Check the huge External Enclosure thread here in CdFreaks. From what I can recall enclosures using the Cypress or Prolific chipsets will work with Pioneer drives. That HP tech probably doesn’t know jack about dvd burners! :wink:

Addict… That was my feeling exactly… I appreciate the advice, Ill check out those threads and perhaps try to get a different enclosure!

Also, just ran Nero InfoTool… The pioneer drive drive is listed as write up to 4x… Obviously its a 20x drive, I think were are slowly getting to the issue…

Yup, fire up nero cd dvd speed and perform a “create disc” with it. You will have to “waste” a disk for that, but really its no waste but you can see how your drive performs connected that way.

Chef, as always I think you were right. I just got my Samsung SH-S203N, popped it in the Galaxy enclosure, updated the drivers and bam burned a TY 8x DVD-R @ up to 18x. Finally! It works!

That is great!

[QUOTE=chef;2070082]That is great![/QUOTE]:rolleyes:

Congrats to your success. :clap:
A Sammy S203N with higher burst rate rathter then a Pio 215 burner seems to made your day… can’t say “great” though in a Pioneer forum thread. :flower: