Burning Error using copytodvd

using v3.0.45.79. Total Filesize is still within capacity of cdr 870MB. However, filename has unicoded characters

The latest version available is 3.0.55. Does this version give you the same problem, can you add a log file here?

i saw this thread and thought i would enter my error problem here while burning a DVD DL with my internal DVD DL burner…i’m using version of CopyToDVD. Here’s the error message:
error write sector failed at sector 75904(32)- code 040803
[HW error, Logical Unit Communication CRC error in ULTRA-DMA/32 (check cables)]

please advise…i was burning about 8 hours of the movie “Godfather”…file size was 7.3 GB…all in green on bottom of main page.

Try upgrading to the newest version, 3.0.55 and see if that fixes the problem. If not, post your log of that burn here. You included a good bit of detail, but nothing beats having the entire log. :wink: :iagree: Just in case, here’s one way to get to the log: go to the CopytoDVD Manager screen and look here (see photo):