Burning error - then it says empty DVD

I attempted to copy a foreign film, it took repeated efforts on DVD shrink - I kept getting cyclic redundancy error. It finally copied and then when I went to use Alcohol to burn it, it said “you must select trak” or something like that.

I hit proceed and it said “empty DVD”

??? Thanks.

I think you should create an IMAGE of the DVD with Alcohol, and then you should be able to load the image to a Virtual drive, or burn it with alcohol.

The only real questions I have:

What language is the DVD in?
I wonder if DVD Shrink has trouble converting?

Hope It Helps!!!

I’ve had no such errors using DVD Shrink. Its simply fantastic I believe!

You might need to use AnyDVD in conjunction with DVD Shrink. Some new copy protections on DVD movies include more than just CSS. AnyDVD is kept updated to get around them, whereas DVD Shrink - while a great program - has not been updated in some time and is no longer being updated. Anymore I use AnyDVD with CloneDVD.