Burning error in external enclosure DVD burner

Hi all

I am unsure where this problem should go, so am putting it in the Nero thread, though it may not be a Nero Problem at all. If you have a suggestion where this should go, please feel free to direct me.

I bought a internal DVD burner (NEC ND-3540A, unmodded) after reading great reviews about it. To connect it to my laptop (AMD Athlon XP-M 2200+, 768 MB RAM, with most probably USB 1.1 ports), I use an external enclosure (NEO, bought from dealsonic.com - find details here: http://dealsonic.com/neon5usb20ex.html)

I tried burning DVDs images(both +R and -R) and even data CDs on it usinf Nero, but I get burn failed errors. (I have burned CDs and DVDs using Nero before, and I know how the process works). Reading DVDs and CDs works fine though.

I have attached the error logs. Does anybody have a clue why I am getting the error - is it because I have USB 1.1 ports, or is the enclosure incompatible with the DVD burner, or have I connected it wrong? :confused: Your comments are highly appreciated.

It is unlikely a USB1.1 port is fast enough for burning DVDs. The drive will always be slowing down/speeding up which makes burns unrealiable, even if buffered. Try installing a USB2 port (only a few pounds and useful to have anyway).

I read somewhere here that USB 1.1 might be sow for burning DVDs, but how about burning CDs?

But my burner fails in burning either of them!

I have a laptop, so I believe that the only way I can add a USB 2.0 port is via a PCMCIA-USB module. Is this true, or are there other options?